CHARGING ROOMS - projects and realizations

Service trolley of traction batteries

Trolley can be a good complement to hold your battery charging room equipment. It is used primarily for quick and easy refilling of distilled water in batteries. To do this, connect a hose, ended with quick-release coupling, to a refill water system in the battery. Turn on a water pump submerged in a tank with a capacity of 30l with a switch placed on the front of the truck. When the flow indicator stops spinning, turn off the pump.

The pump is powered with 12V battery that is supplied with the trolley. Low battery charge level is indicated by a LED on the front of the truck. To charge the battery, connect the built-in battery charger into 230V AC mains with a cable located under the hood of the truck. Charger socket is located on the front of the truck.

Why use such a truck?

  • Enables recurring operations for all batteries a day, according to the schedule inspections
  • reduces the time required to refill the water, from minutes (tank gravity) to the seconds (tank with pump)
  • facilitates the execution of the service – it is easier to drive up the truck to the battery than the battery under a heavy gravity tank
  • saves servicing time, water can be completed in a battery mounted in the load post