CHARGING ROOMS - projects and realizations

The position of the traction battery charging

Requirements for stations to charge traction batteries must be met regardless of the number of batteries. To meet the needs of users of one or several lift trucks we offer a complete supply station for charging the battery armed with all the necessary elements. Self-supporting position includes equipment:

Implementation details such as amount and the type of outlets for rectifiers, fan performance required, base of batteries, etc.. to determine, depending on individual needs. Example of the picture on the left of base dimensions of 2200x1000 mm is used to charge three batteries 48V/500Ah installed on trusses equipped with bathtubs to prevent leakage of electrolyte. In the picture on the right two batteries 48V / 750Ah are loaded on the Still grounds. The whole position fits into the base dimensions of 2000x1100 mm. Compact modular design – we recommend!