CHARGING ROOMS - projects and realizations

Eaves battery charging room (batteries and trucks)

This battery charging room was established in the framework of the implementation of audit recommendations of the State Labour Inspectorate. A place for the battery charging room was dedicated in consultation with the Investor from the surface of the production hall inside a large object. In the absence of other ways to bring clean air from the outside to the battery charging room the air was supplied with the blowing fan through the roof and distributed along the charging stations. An explosion-proof and blowing fan was also installed on the roof.

The open battery charging room was designed as four hoods tied with a ventilation collector and built-up inside the load-bearing steel frame. Each hood comes with an adjustable air damper has been dedicated to charge one 24V / 375Ah battery without their removal from the ERC-12 forklift trucks. Rectifiers rated at 70A charging are situated on separate structures at the back of the charging stations at a height comfortable for the operator. The total length of the four charging stations was 5250 mm.

The following pictures illustrate the installation of the open battery charging room in the high-bay warehouse. As requested by the Investor, to raise the level of security at the battery charging room, two explosion-proof fans were installed working alternately with automatic every 24 hours. Due to the loading shelter fans were fitted high over the charging stations.

Charging stations were posted with the collective hoods for any use by the operators. The project includes charging the battery in two sizes with the exchange side placed on two- and three- chamber roller stations and the top-replaced batteries with loading on steel bases without rollers. Rectifiers were placed on stands just behind the batteries, within easy reach of the operator. The total dimension with an appropriate barrier and buffers occupied the area of a length of 8000 mm.