CHARGING ROOMS - projects and realizations

Modular charging station (side exchange batteries)

In this case, the Investor, in a part of the plant, planned to use 30 forklift trucks equipped with identical 24V4PzS620 batteries. All batteries have to be recharged rectifiers of the same kind. This gave the opportunity to design and build a very compact modular charging station which presents very elegantly. Batteries and rectifiers of one kind is rare situation in battery charging stations.

It was found that the position of the battery charging will be built in a non-closed room on the side of a large production hall. An explosion proof fan was fixed high on the roof and connected to the vertical collector of the battery ventilation system. For this work it was necessary the use of scissor lifts. Collector transitions through the walls and roof have been sealed and protected with guards.

An open battery charging room were built. It consisted of six modules in total, connected by a common ventilation system. Each module was designed with five chambers with galvanized and bearinged rollers replacing the batteries from the side. Each chamber has galvanized hinged block to protect batteries against slipping. Above the battery chambers there is a space for HF 24V / 120A rectifiers and handles for their wires.

According to the Investor’s wish the battery replacement in the battery charging room is done with a special dual-chamber hydraulic trolley with hydraulically adjustable rolls working vertically. Battery of a forklift truck is placed in a chamber of an exchange truck and is supplied to the free chamber battery charging stations. Previously charged battery through the second chamber replacement truck is placed in the forklift.