CHARGING ROOMS - projects and realizations

Electrical installation and detection of hydrogen control

Reading standards and regulations relevant to the safe operation of charging rooms leads to the obvious conclusion that the most important factor to reduce the risk of explosion is properly designed, powered and controlled ventilation system of battery charging stations. The system working during the charging process and after its completion.

After deactivation of the battery charging devices evolution of gases from the cells gradually cease roughly during an hour. After this time, it is necessary to continue to maintain precautions because of the risk of sudden release of the gas trapped in the cells e.g. by moving the battery pack during its re-installation in a vehicle.

Hydrogen moves up very quickly and particularly dangerous is its retention in alcoves, niches resulting from the construction of the ceiling or roof of battery charging rooms. The amount of requirements to be fulfilled holds testify the size of distribution boards, examples of our projects below and in the Projects tab.