CHARGING ROOMS - projects and realizations

Formatting cells (a factory of traction batteries)

When formatting cells used in the construction of traction batteries much larger amounts of gas are emitted than when the battery is charging operating forklifts. In close cooperation with the manufacturer of the battery in a separate room, a closed battery charging room was designed. This battery charging room is equipped with mechanical ventilation. All fans are built on galvanized bases and placed on the roof over the formatting cells stands.

Discharge of gases from the battery charging room was carried out in five separate systems, each equipped with an air extraction explosion fan. The supply of clean air from the outside is provided by three supply fans and a wall air intake. Due to very large gassing of cells hoods collections were designed with a larger than usual volume. Each hood is equipped with a damper to regulate air flow. The entire installation of ventilation, hoods and solar blanket, made of acid resistant steel.

A total of fourteen hoods were installed, the total length of the formatting cells positions was more than 28 m. The room was equipped with a hydrogen detection system, fire switch and other necessary elements of safety. Rectifiers, with rated currents of 50, 100, 150 A, were arranged on the outer ramp behind the wall of the battery charging room. Acid resistant flooring has been prepared by the developer before installing the system.