CHARGING ROOMS - projects and realizations

Projects of battery charging rooms. The design documentation.

During the implementation of new battery charging rooms and modernization of existing systems to the level of applicable regulations assembly works are always preceded by arrangements with the Investor and the preparation of project documentation. Each company uses a different set of forklift trucks, rectifiers, etc. so each design and implementation should be treated individually.

A very important element of each charging room is a documentation containing, among other things, calculations, technical drawings, as-built, opinion fire. This is the basis for all NLI controls , HSW controls, and others. Documentation of battery charging stations built by our company always contains the opinion of the independent expert on fighting regulations stating that the proposed installations eliminate the explosion hazard zone.

In addition to the design part our documentation always includes the as-built part. Among other things, we control a number of electrical parameters an the flow of air in ventilation using the vane type anemometer with temperature measurement and make the necessary adjustments with the help of adjustable air dampers. Below you can find the basic elements of the documentation we prepare for each battery charging room that we carry.

The design of charging stations mechanical ventilation

  • Calculations of the required air flow according to standards
  • Calculations of the air flow in the designed installation
  • Flowchart and technical drawings of the designed installation
  • Main element list summary of installation
  • Guidelines and recommendations of the executive and assembly
  • Designer’s professional qualifications for ventilation systems
  • External review of fire protection for explosive battery charging stations
  • The protocol as-built measurements of air flowing in the finished installation

The electrical installation and ventilation control system design of a battery charging room

  • Technical description of the installation and the list of a battery charging room power
  • Calculations of the internal power supply line and supply lines
  • Checking the wiring for short-circuit conditions and the voltage drop
  • Designer’s professional qualifications for electrical installations designing
  • The protocol as-built measurements of insulation resistance of wires
  • The protocol to check the condition of post-completion automatic power off
  • The protocol for post-completion RCDs measurements

Approvals and instructions of equipment used for battery charging stations construction

  • Hygienic certificate of emergency
  • Instructions for using emergency equipment
  • Health and safety manual instruction of electric pallet trucks
  • Health and safety instruction when working with acids
  • Specifications of hydrogen detection system
  • Specifications of an explosion-proof fan

We are pleased to inform you that any of battery charging rooms made by our company have not been questioned by the inspectors to the construction, operation and documentation. Take advantage of our experience ...