CHARGING ROOMS - projects and realizations

Battery charging rooms

A battery charging room in a literature is defined as "the room (or separate area) intended exclusively for charging batteries; can also be used for maintenance of batteries". In practice, closed battery charging rooms can be found as a separate building or a room and opened battery charging rooms, which means that they are isolated and labelled parts of halls or warehouses.

The best solution for the battery loaded on roller stands for batteries or other steel bases is a modular hold, examples in the pictures below and in the Projects tab. A hood built low to the batteries provides excellent ventilation of gases during charging. At the same time rectifiers can be set above the batteries, at eye level and within easy reach of the operator. We use such solutions since 2008. Safety and ergonomics - we recommend!

However, if we have batteries loaded in the chambers of forklift trucks, without possibility of their replacement top or the side, the standard execution positions with hood aggregates should be considered, examples in the pictures below and in the Projects tab. The supporting structure ventilation is built with steel components rather than the entire modules. In practice, battery rooms equipped with two types of positions are often built i.e.: high hoods for loading trucks with batteries and low units to charge truck batteries with replacement.

Our Clients are provided with staff training in the use of the battery charging rooms equipment, warranty and post-warranty service and undertaking periodic reviews (eg. electrical installations measurements, air flow control, replacement the sensors of hydrogen detection system). We invite you to use our services ...