CHARGING ROOMS - projects and realizations

Since 2007 we deal with the construction of the new complex of charging rooms on the area of storehouses and assembly rooms and the modernization of existing equipment of a charging room hold up to the level of current requirements. The goal is to eliminate the risk of explosion in positions of traction battery charging and to improve the level of safety and culture of working with batteries.

Evaluation of the risk of explosion in the battery charging room, due to the complexity of the issues, requires experience and knowledge of related standards and regulations. In particular, concerning the safety aspects associated with the installation, operation, control and maintenance of lead-acid batteries. The most important factor to reduce the risk of explosion is properly designed, powered and driven ventilation system of the battery charging room.

Well-organized battery charging posts allow to extend batteries usage time, reduce the number of failures, shorten the time needed to replacing batteries in forklifts and significantly improve safety of work with batteries. Under the applicable law, the obligation of holding traction batteries applies to all companies that use electric vehicles powered by batteries with aqueous electrolyte.

Solid, steel supporting structures of batteries and rectifiers, a service trolley, compact modular loading posts and other equipment of battery charging rooms manufactured by our company provide an appropriate level of safety for forklift operators and facilitate the maintenance of cleanliness of the battery charging stations.

Each plant has a different set of forklift trucks, batteries, accessories, etc.., and the same batteries are loaded on trucks or exchanged upside or sideways. Therefore, our charging rooms are designed "to measure", on the basis of information obtained from the Investor with regard to increasing the number of batteries, rectifiers and forklift trucks in the future.

We have produced equipment of traction battery charge for a lot of companies. Take advantage of our experience ...